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Jolly Roger Sailing Club
JRSC Thursday Handicap Racing - Spring 2011
Race: JRSC Thursday night Race #2

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Scoring Method: Time on Distance
Wind Speed: 4-9 SW
calm to light chop
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We had a newcomer to the course today. "Blurr", and S-2 6.7 made its debut with a brand new Mainsail! The little boat still needs some rudder work, and is going to have a new full-sized headsail by next week. It shows a lot of promise to be a quick little boat. With an all TIYC crew, this one promises to be a lively bunch!
Blurr and Why Knot? were on the line at the start, but the fleet stayed tightly packed for the first two legs, with the exception, of course of the Sea-Turtle, which found the off-wind legs favorable and already had a 2-minute lead by the first Mark!
Course 3 took us to the newly set RM3 buoy (it was missing two weeks ago when we tried to race) Run to RM2-Reach to RM3-Fetch back to RM2-then a Beat to the finish. While the Turtles were far in front, Bad Idea and Tri-Again were battling it out for time and all the difference was made in the last leg of the race as Bad-Idea had a good idea to stay farther out in more breeze and edged out Tri-Again on Corrected time by just 23 seconds for second place. The Sea-Turtle enjoyed a comfy lead of over 3 minutes to make the win look easy.
Division JAM
Start Time:
7:05:00 PM
Sail #Boat NameSkipper NameSpinnaker ColorsClubRatingFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected ElapsedFinish ClassSeconds/Mile ClassFinish OverallSeconds/Mile OverallVMG
229Sea TurtleMark

Red/White/BluePPBC2328:17:45 PM01:12:4551:38 1- 1-4.50
Point Place Boat Club1767:05:00 PM-- 1 1--
Delilah, Race Committee.
5771Bad IdeaMatt,
JRSC2258:20:28 PM01:15:2854:59 337 3374.34
OrangeToledo Ice Yacht Club2568:23:40 PM01:18:4055:22 441 4414.16
813why knotDean
n/aJRSC2778:36:59 PM01:31:5901:06:46 5166 51663.56
Jolly Roger Sailing Club2487:05:00 PM--DNC 8 DNC 8--
Delilah, Race Committee.
33527Sea BitchSusan
n/aPoint Place Boat Club2327:05:00 PM--DNC 8 DNC 8--
Delilah, Race Committee.


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