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Monroe Boat Club
Dan testing 2018 championship

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15 Total Competitors
Jam10 Competitors
1895MarinerMike PowersRed-White-Blue-YellowMonroe Boat Club178
23804FOOTLOOSEJohn DavisMBC127
24Second WindGarry GriffithRed, White and BlueMBC216
25419ANYHOO IIAlan WestMonroe Boat Club186
36022HeartbeatDaniel Montgomery---Monroe Boat Club118
47One Leg UpCharles SimonsMonroe Boat Club190
48PokeyJoe SnyderN/AMonroe Boat Club199
5439MISCHIEFDennis KwapisMultiMonroe Boat Club192
63267turtle stampedesteven theissasstn/a119
Unknown Seasterswalt norrismbc171
Phrf5 Competitors
14402SHERE KHANDon FillionredMBC138
15192HeartbrakerFritz PetersonRed/WhiteMBC99
31694Pink PantherAl MichaudBlue Pink WhiteMBC93
41230wildcatRuss AtkinsonBule141
42175Uff-DaTroy WillettBlue/White - Blue/YellowMBC120

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