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  **Organizers: Please Read**
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Just as with any successful event, planning should start a few weeks in advance. This is especially true with N.O.R. If you start your event early and make it public, competitors will register themselves and do most of the work for you!

If the first time you look at N.O.R is right before the first start, chances are, you will struggle to use it successfully. N.O.R is a robust tool that is meant to serve you and your club over and over. Even though setup does take some commitment and time on the first try, you will find that subsequent events and races will require less and less effort.
How Does NoticeofRace Work? See the charts below:  
For Sailors For  Organizers
An overview of the organization and terms used in NoticeofRace
Steps to using N.O.R. to host a successful event
Series Scoring Methods, and how to create a championship series
Handy forms for your Race Committee
      Handicap Score Sheet (PDF)
      Handicap Score Sheet (XLS)

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