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How Notice of Race is Organized

There are two types of users: Sailors and Organizers

A Sailor  can have Boats.
    Boats have Crew
    Crew is made up of the owner, and other sailors that join the crew, crew can upload pictures, participate in the boat's calendar, and comment on the boat's message board

An Organizer has Events.

A Sailor selects a boat they own, and can enter an event created by an Organizer. A Sailor/Boat Combination that enters an event is called a Competitor.

An Organizer enters Divisions for their Event. A division can be a one design class, or a rating rule all competitors will sail under.
An Event has Divisions that the competitor  can opt into when they enter an event.
Divisions has Classes. The Organizer can decide which Division and Class a competitor belongs to.

Each Division participates  in one or more Races

A Race must have an assigned Course
Courses can be used by more then one race, and even across events.

A Competitor's Score Is entered by the organizer.
If the Division is scored by a Handicap rule, or  Time/Distance
    The Class they are in can be assigned a Start Time (but can be modified for each competitor, for staggered starts, cruising classes and the like)  
    A Finish Time is entered for each Competitor.
    The  elapsed time is  calculated, the handicap for that competitor applied if applicable, and the result called a Score.

If the Division is One Design
The Finish Position for each Competitor is entered for the Race, and is is added to the Scores.

All Scores for a race  are tallied into  Results

If an Event has more then one Race, then the result of all  Races are tallied into Series Results.

The Results of  several Events  may be tallied together into a Championship Series.


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